Thursday, March 15, 2007

Iowa State Census Records Collection Now Online

Ancestry has launched a collection of indexed and digitized state census records for Iowa. These are censuses that were taken between the federal census years. Coverage in this collection varies by county and year as some records have not survived and some censuses were only taken for specific counties. But the collection does include all counties for 1885, 1905, 1915 and 1925. See the Iowa section at:

Genealogy Research Guide - State Census Records

The 1925 Iowa census, included in Ancestry's collection, asked for the names, ages and birthplaces (state) of the parents of each person, including mother's maiden names. It also asked for the place of marriage for the parents.


Unknown said...

I cannot get the 1915 IA State Census (on Ancestry) to display family groups or anything other than individual cards. Has anyone been able to display an actual Census sheet?
Thanks so much.

Nancy Edwards

Anonymous said...

My problem for the 1905 census is just the opposite. For 1905, Ancestry seems to have only the Iowa Census REGISTERS that show family groups within townships, but NOT the actual census CARDS that have each individual's vital info on them! I've googled, but can't find them online elsewhere either.