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Online Death Certificates and Records - USA

This list was updated on 29 March 2019.

Here is a list of some collections of online digitized death certificates, death records or death ledgers. Some are free, some fee-based. Note that some death certificate images at these websites may be unavailable because of errors or other reasons. And some of the databases listed here may be incomplete.

Arizona Death Certificates 1870-1968 (free) also includes birth certificates 1855-1943

California: County Birth and Death Records, 1800-1994 from FamilySearch (partial) (free) These are browsable scanned birth and death registers or certificates for various California counties (plus some cities and towns). Not all cities and counties are included and coverage varies. The database does have some digitized death certificates for Los Angeles County, c.1905-c.1963 (plus some as far back as 1889); and San Joaquin County, 1905-c.1960s. There are also some digitized birth certificates or registers for some counties (coverage varies). There is currently a searchable name index for the cities of Stockton, Lodi, and Manteca, and the counties of Los Angeles, San Benito, and San Joaquin. The name index may not be complete. There are also browsable images of indexes included in some volumes. You might also find it helpful to search one of the online California death indexes listed here: Online California Death Records and Indexes.

FamilySearch has Delaware Death Records 1855-1961. (free)

District of Columbia
FamilySearch has District of Columbia Death Certificates and Records 1874-1961. (free)

Scanned Georgia death certificates are available online for 1919-1942 (free). See: Online Georgia Death Records and Indexes

FamilySearch has Idaho Death Certificates 1911-1937 (free), and Ancestry has Idaho Death Records, 1890-1967 (fee-based; most are for 1911-1967). See: Online Idaho Death Records and Indexes

FamilySearch has an index for Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947 that includes images of the death certificates for many of the entries. However, you must be at a Family History Center or FamilySearch affiliate library to view the images. (free)

The Cook County Clerk's office has birth certificates more than 75 years old, marriage certificates more than 50 years old, and death certificates more than 20 years old available online for a fee. The records go back as far as 1872 -- earlier records were lost in the Chicago Fire of 1871. See: Online Chicago and Cook County Death Records Indexes and Obituaries (free and fee-based listings)

Along with Cook County, similar databases with birth, marriage and death certificates are online for DeKalb County, Kane County and Kankakee County (available for a fee). For links to these as well as other Illinois death indexes see: Online Illinois Death Records Indexes, Obituaries and Cemeteries (free and fee-based listings)

As part of their subscription-based collection of genealogy records, Ancestry has an Indiana death index for 1899-2011, including digitized images of the death certificates. See: Online Indiana Death Records and Indexes

FamilySearch has Iowa death records 1921-1940, including digitized images of the death certificates. They also have some county death records for Iowa. See: Online Iowa Death Records and Indexes

Ancestry has digitized Kentucky death certificates from 1911-1965 (fee-based) and FamilySearch has them for 1911-1965 (free). See: Online Kentucky Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

FamilySearch has Massachusetts Death Records 1841-1915 and the Massachusetts Archives Digital Repository has Massachusetts Death Certificates for the Year 1916. (both are free)

FamilySearch has digitized Michigan death ledgers for 1867-1897 (free); Seeking Michigan has digitized Michigan death certificates from 1897-1941 (free); Ancestry has digitized Michigan death registers from 1867-1897, and digitized death certificates from 1897-1941 (fee-based). See: Online Michigan Death Records and Indexes

Missouri Death Certificates 1910-1968 (free) from the Missouri State Archives

Ancestry has Nevada Death Records from 1911-1965 with digitized copies of the death certificates (fee-based).

New Hampshire
FamilySearch has New Hampshire Death Records 1654-1947 with scanned images (free), and New Hampshire death certificates 1938-1959 (free). Ancestry has scanned New Hampshire Death Certificates 1901-1947 (fee-based). For information on these see: Online New Hampshire Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

New Mexico
FamilySearch (free) has scanned microfilm of New Mexico Death Certificates, 1927-1945; and New Mexico Certificate and Record of Death, 1889-1942 (with gaps). For links to these, see: Online New Mexico Death Records and Indexes

North Carolina
As part of their collection of online genealogy records, Ancestry has scanned North Carolina death certificates from 1909-1975 available for downloading (fee-based). And FamilySearch has digitized North Carolina death records from 1906-1930 (free to download). For information on these see: Online North Carolina Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

FamilySearch has scanned Ohio death certificates from 1908-1953 (free), and some online digitized images of mostly pre-1908 Ohio death registers from county courthouses (free). For links to these see: Online Ohio Death Records Indexes, Obituaries and Cemeteries

Ancestry has scanned Pennsylvania Death Certificates (indexed) for 1906-1966 (fee-based).

FamilySearch has scanned Philadelphia City death certificates from 1803-1915 and Pittsburgh City death records from 1870-1905. (free)

South Carolina
As part of their collection of online genealogy records, Ancestry has digitized South Carolina death certificates from 1915-1961 (subscription required). And FamilySearch has digitized South Carolina death records from 1915-1965 (free to download). For information on these see: Online South Carolina Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

FamilySearch (free) has Tennessee Death Records 1914-1955; and Ancestry (fee-based) has Tennessee Death Records and Certificates 1908-1958 (except 1913). For information see: Online Tennessee Death Records and Indexes

FamilySearch (free) and Ancestry (fee-based) have scanned Texas death certificates at their websites. For information see: Online Texas Death Records and Indexes

Utah Death Certificates 1905-1967 (free)

As part of their collection of online genealogy records, Ancestry has digitized Vermont death certificates from 1909-2008 (subscription required). For information on these see: Online Vermont Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

Ancestry has a fee-based Virginia Death Certificates Index for June 1912-2014 with online death certificate images from June 1912 to 1991 (fee-based).

Washington (state)
FamilySearch has browsable digitized microfilm of Washington (State) Death Certificates from 1907-1960 (free)

West Virginia
West Virginia Death Certificates and Records 1853-1968 (free) coverage varies by county - also has birth and marriage records

Other States - Death Indexes
For a directory of online death indexes, including some cemetery records, obituaries, and probate records see: Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records