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Online Death Records, Indexes and Obituaries - Latest Additions and Updates

The Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records Directory has been updated with links to the following items...

 - Jefferson County: Birmingham Area Newspapers Obituaries Index, 1929-1996 (update: more years added)
 - Jefferson County: Oak Hill Memorial Cemetery Interments (Birmingham)

 - Maricopa County: City of Mesa Cemetery Burials

 - Lawrence County Cemeteries

 - Los Angeles County (and nearby): Forest Lawn Cemetery Burials Database... search is available for the Glendale, Hollywood Hills, Cypress (Orange County), Covina Hills and Cathedral City (Riverside County) locations; See: Online Los Angeles, California Death Records & Indexes

 - Weld County: Linn Grove Cemetery Burials (Greeley)

 - Hillsborough County Cemeteries

 - Gordon County Obituaries

 - Canyon County, Idaho, Headstone Photos and Obituaries Project

 - Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths 1916-1947 from FamilySearch Beta
 - Ogle County (and nearby): Polo Area Cemetery Records of Ogle, Lee, Carroll and Whiteside Counties
 - Peoria County Cemeteries
 - St. Clair County: O'Fallon Progress Obituary and Marriage Index, Feb 1898-Dec 2007
 - Sangamon County: Village of Chatham Cemetery Search

 - Pre-1882 Indiana Deaths (partial; indexes various sources) from the Allen County Public Library
 - Vanderburgh County: Evansville Newspaper Index 1821 to 1860 (includes death notices)
 - Wabash County: Wabash Plain Dealer Obituary Index 2000-2008

 - Washington County: City of Washington Cemetery Burials

 - Carter County Cemeteries, Transcribed Records and Images (includes some death certificates and obituaries)

 - Maine Death Index 1960-2009 at the Maine State Archives (update: more years added)
 - York County: Biddeford Area Biographical Resource (includes some references to obituaries and death notices)
 - York County: South Berwick Cemetery Databases

 - Essex County: City of Gloucester Vital Records and Cemetery Indexes
 - Middlesex County: Wakefield Death Record Search 1873-1875 and 1913-2009
 - Middlesex County: Deaths in Waltham from City Directories 1912-1960

 - Muskegon County Genealogical Society Databases (includes cemeteries, obituaries and more)
 - Wayne County: Livonia Public Library Obituary Index

 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch Death Index (Obituaries, etc.), 1975-June 1977; See: Online St. Louis, Missouri Death Records, Indexes & Obituaries

New York
 - Essex County: Willsboro Heritage Society Cemetery Burial Lists
 - Monroe County: Mt. Hope & Riverside Cemetery Records Search (Rochester)

 - Cleveland: Jewish News Obituary Index; See: Online Cleveland & Cuyahoga County, Ohio Death Records & Indexes

 - Early Oregonians Database 1800-1860 (includes death information for some entries)

 - McKean County: Bradford Era Obituary Index 1935-1995

 - Tennessee Death Records Index 1914-1955 from FamilySearch Beta

 - Addison County: Starksboro Cemeteries

 - Petersburg: City of Petersburg Virginia - Blandford Cemetery Records
For links to the above items see: Online Searchable Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

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Monday, July 12, 2010

130 Years of the Beine Family in America

July 12, 1880 - July 12, 2010

Binn? Beim? Beine? Just how do you spell my last name? (If you want to know how to pronounce it, see Megan Smolenyak's book, Who Do You Think You Are, page 47). When I was looking for the ship passenger list for my immigrant Beine family, this is what I encountered:

Germans to America (Vol. 36, page 26) lists the family with the surname Binn. The Philadelphia passenger lists index (National Archives microfilm roll M360-7) lists the family members with the surname Beim. Well, they almost got it right. It was the Philadelphia index that actually led me to the passenger list, which I found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City in 2002. Here are the details...

Ship: SS Pennsylvania
Arrived: July 12, 1880 in Philadelphia from Liverpool
Ship's Captain: Harris
335 total passengers

The Beine family are on pages 1 and 2:

Augt. Beine, 40, male, labourer, Germany (August)
Mrs. Beine, 39, female, wife, Germany (Christina)
Augt., 11, male, child, Germany (August)
Elisabeth, 9, female, child, Germany
Anna, 7, female, child, Germany
Johannis, 5, male, child, Germany
Augt., 4, female, child, Germany (Augusta)
Anton, 2, male, child, Germany
Helen, -, female, infant, Germany

From: Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at the Port of Philadelphia; FHL Microfilm Roll #419674 (National Archives Microfilm Roll #M425-100)

August and Mrs. (Christina) Beine are my great great grandparents. Their son, August, is my great grandfather. They left their oldest daughter, Christine, behind in Germany. You can read her story here: Christina Beine, the Girl They Left Behind. I only have three records that mention the youngest child, Helena - her German baptismal record, the family's German emigration record and the Philadelphia passenger list (above). After that she disappears. There's no indication she died on the voyage. I'm assuming she died while still an infant after the family settled in Missouri. But I've never been able to find a death or burial record for her.

August and Christine had one more child, William, after arriving in the United States. William's World War II draft registration card gives his place of birth as Silica, Missouri. That ended up being an important clue that showed the family first settled in Jefferson County, Missouri before moving to St. Louis.

My great great grandfather, August Beine, was a coal miner in Germany and became one in the U.S. as well. Once settled in St. Louis, he worked in coal mines across the Mississippi River in Illinois, where he eventually lived. The 1910 census shows August, Christine, William, and a grandson, Fred, living in Looking Glass Township/New Baden Village, Illinois. August died in 1913, Christine in 1925. They are buried in Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery in St. Louis.

August Beine was born in 1839 in a small German village called Grosseneder. His wife, Christina Walter (born 1840), is from another small German village called Siddinghausen. I visited both villages in 1995. The couple was married in Stoppenberg, which was then a suburb and is now a part of, the German city of Essen. Their children (except William) were baptized at the St. Nikolaus Catholic Parish there.

So July 12, 2010 is the 130th anniversary of this Beine family's arrival in the United States. I propose a celebration involving German beer. Prost!

For more information on my Beine immigrant family see:
How I Found Some Genealogy Records for My German Ancestors

Sources used for this article - 130 Years of the Beine Family in America

This article was updated on 8 March 2018.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Online Death Records and Indexes - New Additions and Updates

The Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records Directory has been updated with links to the following items...

- Arizona Death Records Index 1844-1959 & Birth Index 1855-1934 (update: year 1959 added for deaths; 1934 added for births)

- Garland County: Hot Springs Sentinel-Record Obituaries Index (ongoing project) also has some cemetery transcriptions and links to obituary indexes for nearby counties

- San Mateo County: Cypress Lawn Cemetery Burials (Colma, CA)
- Santa Clara County Archives (includes indexes for some probate cases, wills and coroner inquests)

- Connecticut Archives 1629-1820 - Indexes (includes Estates of Deceased Persons 1640-1820, and other genealogy indexes)

- Sussex County: Lewes & Rehoboth Hundred Cemetery Survey

- Pinellas County Probate Records Search (c.1980s to present)

- Ada County: City of Boise Cemetery Burials (for Fort Boise Military Cemetery, Morris Hill Cemetery and Pioneer Cemetery)

- Christian County: Oak Hill Cemetery Burials (Taylorville)
- Cook County: Glenview Public Library Obituary Index; See: Online Chicago and Cook County Death Records and Indexes
- Sangamon County: Oak Ridge Cemetery Interment Records, March 1858-1940 in Springfield, IL (update: more years added)

- Clark County: Obituary and Death Notices Index 1872-1900
- Clinton County: Genealogy Obituary Records (from the Frankfort Community Public Library)
- Floyd County: New Albany-Floyd County Public Library Newspaper Index (includes obituaries)
- Hendricks County: Brownsburg Public Library Obituary Finder
- Hendricks County Probate Records Indexes (works in progress)

- Cherokee County: Oak Hill Cemetery Burials (Cherokee, Iowa)

- Franklin County Genealogy Indexes
- Harvey County: Bethel College Mennonite Library and Archives Obituaries Indexes
- Rush County: Obituary Index for Rush County Newspapers 1874-1939

- Jewish Burials: State-wide Index for Some Jewish Cemeteries in Maine
- Cumberland County: Westbrook Historical Society Genealogy Indexes (includes cemetery transcriptions and more)
- Oxford County GenWeb Archives - Includes Some Cemeteries
- Oxford County: Andover Maine Genealogy Indexes (includes cemeteries and death indexes)

- Maryland Portal to Court Records: Estate Search
- Frederick County: Reformed Cemetery Burials (Knoxville, Maryland)

- Middlesex County: Cemeteries of Littleton, Massachusetts

- Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society: Historical Records (inlcudes Foreign Deaths 1931–2002, and other items; also has PDF files for two large cemeteries)
- Oakland County: Clover Hill Park Cemetery Burials (Jewish Cemetery in Birmingham, MI)

- Carver County Newspaper Index Search (includes death notices)

- Hancock County Historical Society Genealogy Indexes (includes indexes for some obituaries, cemetery burials and other items)
- Itawamba County Book of the Dead - Cemetery Burials
- Lee County Cemeteries
- Lincoln-Lawrence-Franklin Regional Library - Genealogy Indexes

- Missouri Death Certificates Index and Images 1910-1959 (update: year 1959 added)
- Adair County: Obituaries & Death Notices Index for the Kirksville Daily Express, March 1979-2009 (update: more years added)
- St. Louis Post-Dispatch Obituary Index (update - more years added: 1965, 1966, 2009); See: Online St. Louis, Missouri Death Records, Indexes & Obituaries

New Hampshire
- Cheshire County: Vital Records of Keene, New Hampshire

New York
- Madison County Cemeteries
- Onondaga County: Skaneateles Historical Society Archives - Genealogy Indexes (includes newspaper death indexes and some cemetery burials)
- Rockland County Cemetery Records and Funeral Homes (update: funeral homes index added)

North Carolina
- Union County Public Library Obituary Indexes (for Monroe and Marshville Newspapers)

- Mahoning County: Goshen Township Cemetery Burials

- Lane County: Eugene Pioneer Cemetery Burials

- Clearfield County Death Registrations 1893-1905 (not yet complete - more being added)
- Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society Obituaries Index (most are from the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal)

South Carolina
- Chesterfield County: Cheraw Chronicle & Chesterfield Advertiser Obituary Archive 2003-recent (not complete)

- Tennessee Death Index 1914-1931 (update: year 1931 added)

- Windsor County: Cemeteries, Obituaries and Death Notices Indexes (from the Hartford Historical Society)

- Prince William Public Library System's Digital Library - Genealogy Indexes (includes births, marriage, deaths, probate records and more)
- Prince William County Indexes (includes cemeteries and obituaries)

- Dane County: Forest Hill Cemetery Burials (Madison, WI)
- Forest County: Crandon Public Library - Local History Obituary Index 1909-1923, 2001-2003 and 2005-recent (ongoing project)
- Marathon County Cemeteries
- Pierce County Cemeteries

See: Online Searchable Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

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Death and Burial Indexes at FamilySearch Record Search

As part of their recent update adding 300 million names, FamilySearch Record Search has added several databases that index some death and burial records for various states. See the list below. The update also includes many indexes for Births, Christenings and Marriages for various states. You can access these indexes and many more genealogy indexes at: FamilySearch Historical Records Search

While these death and burial indexes are not necessarily complete, they do contain numerous listings that may be helpful for genealogy research.

Recently Added Death and Burial Indexes at FamilySearch:

Arizona Deaths and Burials, 1910-1911; 1993-1994
Arkansas Deaths and Burials, 1882-1929; 1945-1963
Delaware Deaths and Burials, 1815-1955
District of Columbia Deaths and Burials, 1840-1964
Florida Deaths and Burials, 1900-1921
Hawaii Deaths and Burials, 1862-1919
Idaho Deaths and Burials, 1907-1965
Kansas Deaths and Burials, 1885-1930
Kentucky Deaths and Burials, 1843-1970
Maine Deaths and Burials, 1841-1910
Maryland Deaths and Burials, 1877-1992
New Mexico Deaths and Burials, 1788-1798; 1838-1955
New York Deaths and Burials, 1795-1952
North Carolina Deaths and Burials, 1898-1994
Ohio Deaths and Burials, 1854-1997
Oregon Deaths and Burials, 1903-1947
Utah Deaths and Burials, 1888-1946
Vermont Deaths and Burials, 1871-1965
Virginia Deaths and Burials, 1853-1912
West Virginia Deaths and Burials, 1854-1932

For more online death indexes see: Online Death Indexes and Records

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New York Genealogy Records and Resources Online

Here are some places to find New York City and State Genealogy Information, Records, Indexes and Resources on the Internet...

Birth, Marriage and Death Records

Census Records

Immigration Records

New York Newspapers

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Online Death Indexes and Records - Latest Additions and Updates

The Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records Directory has been updated with links to the following items...

- Alaska Probate Index 1884-1959

- Boulder Genealogical Society - Cemeteries and Obituaries - Updated (includes: Boulder Daily Camera Obituary Index 1970-1974; burial indexes for the following cemeteries: Columbia Cemetery, Green Mountain Cemetery, Hygiene Cemetery, Lyons Cemetery, "Roadside" Cemetery, Rowley Cemetery, Weisner Cemetery; and more)
- Pitkin County: Cemetery Records for Red Butte, Aspen Grove, Ute and Basalt Cemeteries

- Flagler County Genealogy Indexes (includes some obituaries and cemetery records)

- DeKalb County Cemeteries and Genealogy Indexes
- DuPage County: Obituary Index, 1972-2009 for Burr Ridge, Darien and Willowbrook, Illinois

- Marion County Wills Index
- Sullivan County Obituaries Indexes (for obituaries 1929-present, and obituaries and death notices 1870-1905; also has indexes for wills and marriages)
- Union County Genealogy Indexes (includes cemetery records, obituaries index and more)

- Clay County Rural Cemeteries
- Clay County: Greenwood Cemetery Burials (Clay Center, KS)
- Russell County Cemeteries
- Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Obituaries Index 1906-1935 and 1971-present with a few from 1936-1970 (update: more years added)

- Edmonson County: Mammoth Cave National Park Cemetery Database

- Garrett County: Ruth Enlow Library Obituary Database, March 1877-1904

- Middlesex County: Lowell Vital Records Indexes (Birth, Marriage, Death) from Local Newspapers
- Middlesex County Cemetery Projects
- Middlesex County: Lowell Cemetery Veterans Burial List
- Worcester County: Southborough Rural Cemetery Burials, and Southborough Vital Records 1727-1849

- Monroe County: Monroe Evening News Obituaries Index (from the Monroe County Historical Commission Archives)
- Tuscola County: Cass City Cemetery Records and Digitized Newspapers

- Scott County Historical Society Newspaper Index - Marriages and Obituaries

Missouri (St. Louis)
- Gatewood Gardens Cemetery Burial Database (St. Louis)
- St. Louis City Wills Index, Volumes M-X, 1877-1894 (downloadable PDF file)
- Index to Names in the Annual Reports of the Coroner of Saint Louis, Missouri, for the Years 1894, 1895, 1896, and 1897

- See: Online St. Louis, Missouri Death Records, Indexes & Obituaries

- Cass County Cemetery Burials and other Genealogy Indexes

New Hampshire
- Belknap County: Town of Belmont Genealogy Indexes (includes death index 1887-2008 and other indexes)
- Hillsborough County: Amherst Historical Society Genealogy Indexes (includes death index 1884-1989 and other items)

New Mexico
- New Mexico Death Records Index 1889-1945 from FamilySearch Record Search (Pilot)

New York
- Dutchess County: Interments in Dutchess County Cemeteries before 1880
- Monroe County: Village of Churchville Cemetery Records Search

North Carolina
- Mecklenburg County: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Genealogy Indexes (includes some cemetery burials & early death notices)
- Wake County: Historic Oakwood Cemetery Burials (in Raleigh, NC)
- Wake County: Raleigh City Cemeteries Burial Databases (for City Cemetery and O'Rorke Cemetery)
- Wake County Wills Index 1771-1802

- Fulton County Death Register Book 1 (1868-1886) transcriptions and images
- Wood County Cemetery Search

- Oklahoma Cemeteries (a collection of cemetery transcriptions and photographs; coverage varies by county)
- Kingfisher County Cemeteries
- Muskogee Death and Newspaper Obituary Indexes 1916-2009 (update: more years added)

- Allegheny County: Index of Death Notices and Obituaries that Appeared in Pittsburgh Area Newspapers (ongoing project)

- Dallas County Probate Court - Search Case Records (recent)
- South Texas Area: Catholic Cemeteries of The Victoria Diocese (the Victoria Diocese comprises the counties of Calhoun, Colorado, DeWitt, Goliad, Jackson, Lavaca, Matagorda, Victoria, Wharton and Fayette County west of the Colorado River)
- Tarrant County: Death Notices and Miscellaneous News Items from the Arlington Journal and Arlington Citizen 1897-1940 (does not include all years)
- Tarrant County: Arlington Cemetery Burials

- Richmond: Burial Records of Jewish Cemeteries in Central Virginia

- Walla Walla County: City of Walla Walla Burial Search - for Mountain View Cemetery
- Wenatchee Area Obituary Index 1880-2008 (update: more years added)

- Outagamie County: Kaukauna Newspaper Index (for births, obituaries, weddings)
- Rock County Cemeteries
- Rock County: Janesville Gazette Obituaries Index, January 1981-May 1983; and January 1993-present (update: more years added)

See: Online Searchable Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

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Online Genealogy Records Directories - Moving

Some of my online directories of genealogy indexes and records are moving to new URLs. Here is a list of some of the most popular, along with their new URLs. Please update any links you may have to these webpages. Thank you! -Joe

Online Birth and Marriage Records Indexes for the USA
was at: http://home.att.net/~wee-monster/vitalrecords.html

is now at:

What Passenger Lists Are Online?
Internet Sources for Transcribed Passenger Records and Indexes
was at: http://home.att.net/~wee-monster/onlinelists.html

is now at:

Online Searchable Naturalization Indexes and Records (USA)
was at: http://home.att.net/~wee-monster/naturalization.html

is now at:

Finding U.S. Naturalization Records - a Genealogy Guide
was at: http://home.att.net/~wee-monster/naturalizationrecords.html

is now at:

Online Military Indexes and Databases - USA
was at: http://home.att.net/~wee-monster/military.html

was expanded into a separate website (in 2004):

Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records
was at: http://home.att.net/~wee-monster/deathrecords.html

was expanded into a separate website (in 2003):

Thank you!

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The German Roots (wee-monster) Website is Moving

If you have any links to my German Roots website, please update them - the old website will be going away soon. It was located at:

German Roots: German Genealogy Resources

It has moved to:


If you are linking to an interior webpage such as:

What Passenger Lists Are Online?

Please change the URL to:


Please change any other links to the old "wee-monster" website you may have.

Thank you kindly! :)

-Joe Beine

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How I Found Some Genealogy Records for My German Ancestors

Last year I obtained a marriage record from a church in Germany that was not available at the Family History Library. I thought this might be a helpful example of how you can sometimes find genealogy records by writing to churches or archives in Germany.

My immigrant ancestors, August and Christine (Walter) Beine came to the US in 1880 with 7 of their children. August Beine was originally from a small German village called Grosseneder and Christine Walter came from another village called Siddinghausen. I have already researched their family lines in each of the villages, but I was not able to find their marriage record in either place. But I have a photocopy of a family document that gives the birth and baptismal dates of their German born children from the St. Nikolaus Catholic Parish in Stoppenberg, Germany. Stoppenberg was then a suburb and is now a neighborhood of the city of Essen. I always assumed the couple was married in Stoppenberg and recently I decided to pursue obtaining a copy of their marriage record.

The LDS Family History Library does not have microfilmed records for the St. Nikolaus Parish. So I needed to determine where the church's records, if available, were located. Essen is a Catholic diocese ("Bistum" in German), and using Google, I found the Essen diocese has a website: http://www.bistum-essen.de. From the website's contact link I sent an email asking where the St. Nikolaus parish records were today. I received a response saying the records were still at the St. Nikolaus church and was given an email address for the parish priest.

St. Nikolaus Catholic Church in Essen-Stoppenberg

I emailed the parish priest, asking if I could obtain the marriage record of August Beine and Christine Walter, and the baptismal record of their son, also named August, who is my great grandfather. Three weeks later I received a response saying he had found the records I wanted and was sending copies. A few days later the photocopies arrived in the mail.

I had inquired about a fee in my email to the church, and the response was: "We don't get a fee for this service, but it would be nice if you can give a donation to a project of the Roman-Catholic parish in your town." So I made a donation to a local parish.

I have a family document that gave me the name of the town and parish in Germany. But you may not have something like this. Here's a list of other places where you might find the name of your ancestral village in Germany:

Tips for Finding Your German Immigrant Ancestor's Hometown in Germany

This article may help if you already know the name of the village or town:
Tips for Finding German Genealogy Records for your German-American Ancestor

The above photograph of the St. Nikolaus Catholic Church in Essen-Stoppenberg by Joe Beine, February, 2018

This article was updated on 8 March 2018

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Online Death Records and Indexes - New Additions and Updates

The Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records Directory has been updated with links to the following items...

- Madison County: City of Huntsville Cemetery Burials Search

- Carroll County Historical and Genealogical Society - Cemetery Grave Marker Index
- Yell County Cemetery Records

- Fairfield County Cemeteries

- Broward County: Jewish Cemeteries (ongoing project) presently has Jewish burials in Evergreen Cemetery, Fort Lauderdale (Excel file)

- Georgia Non-Indexed Death Certificates, 1928-1930

- Canyon County: City of Nampa Cemetery Interment Database

- Clark County Cemeteries

- Cherokee County Obituary Index 2000-2007

- Essex County: Spring Grove Cemetery Burials (Andover, MA)

- Ogemaw County Death Records Index
- Saint Clair County: Lakeside Cemetery Records Search (Port Huron, Michigan)

- Hennepin County: Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery - Burial Search
- Mower County Cemeteries
- Pennington County: Historic St. Pauli Church, Thief River Falls, Minnesota (includes baptisms, funerals and other listings)

- Adams County: Natchez Jewish Cemetery List

- Gentry and Worth Counties: Cemetery Transcriptions (PDF files)
- Saint Louis County: Cold Water Cemetery Burials (DAR Cemetery in Florissant, MO); See: Online St. Louis, Missouri Death Records, Indexes & Obituaries

- Adams County: Hastings Regional Center Cemetery Records, 1889-1959

New Hampshire
- Hillsborough County: Cemeteries of Bedford, NH
- Hillsborough County: Pelham Historical Society Genealogy On-Line Library (includes early town clerk vital records, cemetery inscriptions and more)

New Mexico
- Bernalillo County Cemeteries
- Chaves County Cemeteries
- Dona Ana County Cemeteries and Funeral Home Records
- Lincoln County Cemeteries and Deaths 1913-1919
- Lincoln County: Catholic Funeral Records from St. Rita Parish, Carrizozo, Nov 1897-April 1956
- Socorro County Cemeteries

New York
- Erie County Lodge Cemetery Records (Jewish Cemetery in Buffalo, NY)
- Rockland County Cemetery Records Search

- Ohio Obituaries Index 1810s-present from the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center; for selected counties (update: 300,000 more entries added; now has 1.5 million entries)
- Hamilton County Ohio Wills Index, 1791-1901 (PDF files)
- Hamilton County Probate Court: Probate Case and Archived Records Search (includes births, marriages, wills, naturalizations and more; some unindexed)
- For the above two see: Online Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Ohio Death Records & Indexes

South Carolina
- South Carolina Death Index 1915-1958 (update: year 1958 added)

- Tennessee Death Index 1914-1930 (update: years 1929 and 1930 added)
- Knox County Death Records and Obituaries Indexes (includes: Index of Obituaries Published in The Hickory Daily Record, 1915-1989; Funeral Records from Shuford Funeral Home, 1908-1957; Knox County, TN Death Records, 1914-1925)

- Franklin County News Archive 1870-Sept 1875 (includes some obituaries)
- Lamar County Death and Cemetery Records Database

- Utah Death Certificates Index 1904-1958 (update: more years added)

West Virginia
- Cabell County: Huntington, West Virginia Newspapers Obituary Indexes (PDF files)
- Mercer County: Walnut Grove Cemetery Burials (in Bluefield, West Virginia)

- Douglas County Cemeteries
- Shawano County Genealogy Indexes (includes cemetery burials, obituaries and more)

See: Online Searchable Death Records Indexes and Obituaries