Friday, September 21, 2007

Ship Passenger Lists and Indexes You Can Find Online

One of the most popular webpages on my German Roots genealogy website is one called "What Passenger Lists Are Online?" It's a directory of Internet sources for some transcribed or digitized ship passenger lists or name indexes of passengers. These are for ships that brought immigrants and other passengers to the USA and to or from many other countries. There are also links to other finding aids for some ports.

The top half of the webpage is for USA arrivals and includes sub-sections for New York, Alaska, Baltimore, Boston & New England, Florida, New Orleans, Oregon, Pennsylvania, San Francisco & Hawaii, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. About half way down the page you will find an international section with sub-sections for Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Some of the items listed on the webpage are free to use, some are fee-based -- these latter are usually marked "requires payment" or something similar. You can find the passenger lists directory at:

What Passenger Lists Are Online? - Internet Sources for Transcribed Passenger Records and Indexes

Monday, September 10, 2007

Online Naturalization Records Indexes - Recently Added

Links to the items listed below were recently added to: Online Searchable Naturalization Records and Indexes

- Cerro Gordo County: Mason City Naturalization Index - Petitions and Declarations, 1942-1961
- Lee County: Keokuk - Index to Miscellaneous Records Pertaining to Naturalization, 1840-1888
- Union County: Creston Naturalization Index - Declarations and Petitions, 1930-1951
- Wapello County: Ottumwa Naturalization Index - Petitions and Declarations, 1916-1951

Assorted Kansas Naturalization Indexes - includes:
- Fort Scott Naturalization Index to Petitions and Declarations, 1915-1967
- Kansas City Naturalization Records Index, 1948-1970
- Topeka: Index to Declarations of Intention ("first papers"), 1852-1942
- Topeka: Index to Overseas Naturalization Petitions, 1943-1954
- Topeka: Index to Naturalization Petitions, 1868-1984

- 11 counties have been added to the Michigan State Archives naturalization indexes database (now has 32 total counties)

New York
- Clinton County Naturalization Records Index 1865-1906
- Essex County Naturalization Records Index 1836-1880
- Queens County Naturalization Records Index 1906-1957

- Summit County (Akron), Ohio Naturalization Records Search (includes images)

- Centre County Naturalization Records 1802-1929 -- includes digitized images of the records
- Chester County Naturalization Records Index 1798-1935 (Updated: previously went to 1906)
- Pennsylvania now has its own separate webpage - see: Online Pennsylvania Naturalization Records and Indexes