Monday, August 11, 2008

Latest Additions - Online Death Indexes, Records and Obituaries

The Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records Directory has been updated with links to the following items...

- Jefferson County: Birmingham Area Newspapers Obituaries Index, January 1943-December 1976 (update: more years added)

- Maricopa County: West Valley Genealogical Society Obituaries Index 1998-2003 (update: year 2003 added)

- Chattooga County: Death Notices from the Summerville News Newspaper 1927-1942 (also has some cemetery listings)

- Cook County and Chicago section: Historical Cook County Vital Records - Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates (index searches are free/payment required to download copies of the records) ... See: Online Chicago and Cook County Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

- Knox County Death Indexes, 1921-June 2002 & Vincennes Sun-Commercial Obituary Index 2002-2007 from the Knox County Public Library
- Perry County: Tell City-Perry County Public Library Obituary Finder (recent)

- Johnson County District Court Public Records Search -- includes indexes for recent probate records and marriage licenses

- Boyd County Cemeteries & Ashland Daily Independent Obituary Index 1922-1945 -- from the Boyd County Library; also includes other genealogy indexes

- Michigan Death Records 1867-1897 at FamilySearch Labs (includes scanned images from the death ledgers) beta testing
- Barry County Public Records Index - includes a death certificates index

- Monroe County: New Hope Cemetery Burials (Parham, Mississippi)

North Carolina
- New Hanover County: Oakdale Cemetery Burials -- in Wilmington, North Carolina

- Fairfield County Cemeteries Surname Index
- Franklin County: Silent Home Cemetery Burials (in Truro Twp near Reynoldsburg)
- Washington County: 5,275 Burials in Washington County, Ohio Cemeteries

- Muskogee Death and Newspaper Obituary Indexes 1918-1936 and 1954-2008 (update: more years added)
- Washington County: White Rose Cemetery Burial Search -- City of Bartlesville

South Carolina
- Greenville County: Greenville News Obituary Index 1917-1993 and 1994-present
- Greenville County Historical Records Search -- includes some older probate and estate records

- Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925 (update: year 1925 added)
- Tennessee Death Index 1949-2005 (not complete) "Partial Indexes from 1949-2005"
- Blount County Obituaries Indexes: includes Maryville Times Obituary Index 1906-1960 (over 16,000) & Index to Misc Obituaries 1867-1940 (over 11,000)

See: Online Searchable Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

Friday, August 08, 2008

Mamma Mia! and the Joy of Choosing Your Own Ancestors

Yesterday I went with my mom to see the movie Mamma Mia!. I am such a good son, taking my mother to see this completely ridiculous campy musical extravaganza. I also saw the Broadway musical version last year with my mom and two other friends. And now I'm going to admit that I'm an Abba fan. I've liked them since I was a young sprog and they were still together making records. And all married to each other. And I honestly thought I would hate Mamma Mia!. But I admit I liked the thing. It's just so silly and uplifting and fun. And it's filled with Abba songs. Tons of them. The movie is just about as much fun as the stage musical. And Meryl Streep looks like she's having a blast throughout.

Mamma Mia! Abba songs soundtrackSo now I know what you're thinking: What does Mamma Mia! have to do with genealogy? C'mon theatergoers, it's soooo obvious. The girl has three dads! And she doesn't know which one is really her dad. Sophie's mom had brief affairs with three men right in a row some twenty years ago. And now Sophie, who's about to be married, wants to know who her dad is. So she invites all three to the wedding. And they all show up. Mayhem and Abba songs ensue. C'mon if you had three dads wouldn't you dance around and start singing "Voulez-Vous" for no reason? While most of us are trying to figure out who our great great great great grandparents are, this poor girl has three potential dads lined up in a row and she doesn't know which one is the right guy. Hey, even own her mother, Meryl Streep, doesn't know. Now before you can say, "DNA test," please consider this: there are no Abba songs about DNA. Nope. Nothing about genetics either, or genealogy, or having three dads. And consider this: Sophie's dad is one of the following...

1. Remington Steele
2. Mr. Darcy himself
3. Some sea-faring Swedish guy

Er, actually that would be:

1. Pierce Brosnan
2. Colin Frith or Firth I can never remember which
3. A fine Swedish actor whose name I can't spell

Now would you have a DNA test, or perhaps just choose Mr. Darcy? Personally I think I'd run off with Sophie, who is just as cute as can be. Er wait a minute I've gone off track here. So pretend for a moment that you get to pick your ancestors. It would make genealogy sooo much easier. Yeah, I'm not sure if I'd want that Jane Austen dude as an ancestor, so I'm going with Remington Steele. Even if he can't sing. And for my grandparents... hmmm... let's see...

All right now back to some real genealogy. Everyone go click on some links over on the right side.

Friday, July 25, 2008

20 Things That Make Genealogy Fun

This is intended to be a bunch of silly nonsense. So please don't take it too seriously.
  1. In Germany all the women are named Anna Maria and all the men are named Johann. This was done to confuse genealogists.

  2. In Mexico all the women are named Maria and all the men are named Juan. This was done to confuse genealogists.

  3. In Ireland all the women are named Mary and all the men are named James Patrick O'Connor. This was done for "fun in the pub."

  4. In New Mexico the "Kevin Bacon Game" is called the "Juan Baca Game." No one knows who Juan Baca was, but everyone in New Mexico can trace their ancestors to him.

  5. In Boston the "Kevin Bacon Game" is called the "James Patrick O'Connor Game." And you're only allowed to play with a Boston accent. For tips on fine tuning your Boston accent see the Academy Award winning Martin Scorsese film, the Depahhted.

  6. The record you need is always at the end of the microfilm roll.

  7. The records at the beginning of the roll are clear and easy to read with beautiful penmenship. By the time you scroll to the end of the roll where the record you need is located, everything is a blurry mess.

  8. Oh nevermind. They're gonna digitize all of it soon anyway, right?

  9. You actually know what M237 means. You freak.

  10. All of your ancestors settled in Chicago. Whenever you can't find something about them you curse Mrs. O'Leary's cow.

  11. That same cow is probably responsible for the loss of the 1890 census.

  12. Stupid cow.

  13. You wonder why a non-profit religious organization can distribute National Archives microfilm better than the National Archives.

  14. You wish the founding fathers had thought up Social Security so the Social Security Death Index would begin around, oh, 1780 or so.

  15. When someone first tells you their last name you immediately convert it into a Soundex code. This kind of behavior is so not normal. Er wait a minute, since everything has been/will be digitized we don't need Soundex codes anymore, right?

  16. Your ancestors did not swim to America.

  17. You are not a Cherokee princess.

  18. None of your ancestors knew Jesse James.

  19. But my Apache princess ancestor knew Billy the Kid.

  20. So yeah, my ancestors are cooler than yours. Well of course everyone thinks that... Ok, number 19 is not really true.
Your ancestors really did swim to America. Perhaps alongside one of these ships: Finding Passenger Lists 1820-1940s (arrivals at US Ports)

Your ancestors are named Anna Maria and Johann. You'll love it here: German Roots: German Genealogy Resources

Your ancestors are named Mary and James Patrick O'Connor: Irish Genealogy Resources

You've been playing the "Juan Baca Game..." New Mexico Genealogy Resources

Don't know what M237 means? You do now... National Archives Microfilm Publication M237: Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, NY, 1820-1897, which of course, has been digitized.

The Fate of the 1890 Census Stupid cow!

This is a revised and reduced version of my original "25 Things that Make Genealogy Fun" list. So yeah basically I stole this from myself. Please don't bother with the original one. Note lack of link.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Online Death Certificates and Records - USA

This list was updated on 31 March 2021.

Here is a list of some collections of online digitized death certificates, death records or death ledgers. Some are free, some fee-based. Note that some death certificate images at these websites may be unavailable because of errors or other reasons. And some of the databases listed here may be incomplete.

FamilySearch has Alabama Deaths, 1908-1974. However, you must be at a Family History Center or FamilySearch affiliate library to view the images of the death certificates. (free)

Arizona Death Certificates, 1870-1970 (free) also includes birth certificates 1855-1946

Ancestry has Arkansas Death Certificates, 1914-1969 (fee-based), which includes digitized images of the death certificates.

California (Los Angeles, San Joaquin County and Others)
California: County Birth and Death Records, 1800-1994 from FamilySearch (partial) (free) Coverage varies by county. Many counties are not included. Some records are not yet indexed.This database includes:
  • Indexed death certificates for Los Angeles City and County, 1905-c.1963, and death registers, 1888-1905
  • San Joaquin County death certificates, 1905-c.1960s (indexed)
  • Unindexed death records for Berkeley (Alameda County), pre-1905; Mendocino County, c.1873-1919; Orange County, 1889-1921; San Benito County, 1905-1989; Santa Clara County, pre-1905; and Santa Cruz County, pre-1905, plus a digitized Santa Cruz County death index for 1850-1980.
  • Some birth records and indexes for various California counties. Coverage varies and not all counties are included.
You might also find it helpful to search one of the online California death indexes listed here: Online California Death Records and Indexes.

FamilySearch has Delaware Death Records 1855-1961. (free)

District of Columbia
FamilySearch has District of Columbia Deaths 1874-1961. You must be at a Family History Center or FamilySearch affiliate library to view the images. (free)

FamilySearch has Florida Death Records, 1877-1939 with digitized images of the death certificates. (free)

Scanned Georgia death certificates are available online for 1919-1942 (free). See: Online Georgia Death Records and Indexes

Ancestry has Hawaii Death Certificates and Indexes, 1841-1942 (fee-based). See: Online Hawaii Death Indexes and Records.

FamilySearch has Idaho Death Certificates 1911-1937 (free), and Ancestry has Idaho Death Records, 1890-1967 (fee-based; most are for 1911-1967). See: Online Idaho Death Records and Indexes

FamilySearch has an index for Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947 that includes images of the death certificates for many of the entries. However, you must be at a Family History Center or FamilySearch affiliate library to view the images. (free)

For some Illinois death indexes see: Online Illinois Death Records Indexes, Obituaries and Cemeteries (free and fee-based listings)

Ancestry (fee-based) has an Indiana death index for 1899-2011, including digitized images of the death certificates. See: Online Indiana Death Records and Indexes

Ancestry has scanned Iowa death certificates for 1921-1967 (fee-based). FamilySearch has Iowa death records for 1904-1942, including digitized images (free). FamilySearch also has some county death records for Iowa (free). See: Online Iowa Death Records and Indexes

Ancestry has digitized Kentucky death certificates from 1911-1965 (fee-based) and FamilySearch has them for 1911-1965 (free). See: Online Kentucky Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

FamilySearch has Massachusetts Death Records 1841-1915 and the Massachusetts Archives Digital Repository has Massachusetts Death Certificates for the years 1916 and 1917. (both are free)

FamilySearch has digitized Michigan death ledgers for 1867-1897 (free); Michiganology (formerly Seeking Michigan) has digitized Michigan death certificates from 1897-1943 (free); Ancestry has digitized Michigan death registers from 1867-1897, and digitized death certificates from 1897-1943 (fee-based). See: Online Michigan Death Records and Indexes

Missouri Death Certificates 1910-1970 (free) from the Missouri State Archives

Ancestry has Montana State Deaths, 1907-2016 (fee-based), which includes digitized images of the death certificates for some entries; coverage varies by county

Ancestry has Nevada Death Records from 1911-1965, with digitized copies of the death certificates (fee-based). For info, see: Online Nevada Death Records, Indexes and Obituaries

New Hampshire
FamilySearch has New Hampshire Death Records 1654-1947 with scanned images (free), and New Hampshire death certificates 1938-1959 (free). Ancestry has scanned New Hampshire Death Certificates 1901-1947 (fee-based). For information on these see: Online New Hampshire Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

New Mexico
FamilySearch (free) has scanned microfilm of New Mexico Death Certificates, 1927-1945; and New Mexico Certificate and Record of Death, 1889-1942 (with gaps). For links to these, see: Online New Mexico Death Records and Indexes

North Carolina
As part of their collection of online genealogy records, Ancestry has scanned North Carolina death certificates from 1909-1975 available for downloading (fee-based). And FamilySearch has digitized North Carolina death records from 1906-1930 (free to download). For information on these see: Online North Carolina Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

FamilySearch has scanned Ohio death certificates from 1908-1953 (free), and some online digitized images of mostly pre-1908 Ohio death registers from county courthouses (free). For links to these see: Online Ohio Death Records Indexes, Obituaries and Cemeteries

Ancestry has scanned Pennsylvania Death Certificates (indexed) for 1906-1967 (fee-based). For info, see: Online Pennsylvania Death Records, Indexes and Obituaries

FamilySearch has scanned Philadelphia City death certificates from 1803-1915 and Pittsburgh City death records from 1870-1905. (free)

South Carolina
As part of their collection of online genealogy records, Ancestry has digitized South Carolina death certificates from 1915-1969 (fee-based subscription required). And FamilySearch has digitized South Carolina death records from 1915-1965 (free to download). For information on these see: Online South Carolina Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

FamilySearch (free) has Tennessee Death Records 1914-1966; and Ancestry (fee-based) has Tennessee Death Records and Certificates 1908-1965 (except 1913). For information see: Online Tennessee Death Records and Indexes

FamilySearch (free) and Ancestry (fee-based) have scanned Texas death certificates at their websites. For information see: Online Texas Death Records and Indexes

Utah Death Certificates 1905-1967 (free)

As part of their collection of online genealogy records, Ancestry has digitized Vermont death certificates from 1909-2008 (fee-based subscription required). For information on these see: Online Vermont Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

Ancestry has a Virginia Death Certificates Index for June 1912-2014 with online death certificate images from June 1912 to 1993 (fee-based). FamilySearch has Virginia Death Certificates for June 1912-1987 (free). For info, see: Online Virginia Death Records, Indexes and Obituaries

Washington (state)
FamilySearch has a death index for Washington and most entries include a digitized death certificate. See: Washington (State) Death Certificates, 1907-1960 (free). And the Washington State Digital Archives has a not-yet-complete database with death certificates. See: Washington State Department of Health, Death Certificates, July 1, 1907-1960, 1963-1969, 1974, and 1993-January 1996 (free)

West Virginia
West Virginia Death Certificates and Records 1853-1970 (free) coverage varies by county - also has birth and marriage records

Other States - Death Indexes
For a directory of online death indexes, including some cemetery records, obituaries, and probate records see: Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Online Death Records and Indexes - New Additions and Updates

The Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records Website has been updated with links to the following items...

- Arizona Death Records 1844-1957 (update: 1844-1877 and 1957 added)
- Miscellaneous Arizona Obituaries Index

- Craighead County Deaths & Obituaries Index 1885-2008 -- from The Jonesboro Sun

- Pitkin County: Ute Cemetery Burials (in Aspen) -- includes some Civil War veterans

- Putnam County Cemeteries - Listed by Township -- searchable by name (not complete)

- Missouri Death Certificates 1910-1957 (update: death certificates for 1940-1944 and 1957 added)
- St. Charles County: St. Charles Library Local Indexes -- includes: Oak Grove Cemetery Database and St. Charles Local Newspaper Index (starts with 1988)

North Carolina
- Macon County Cemeteries

- Franklin County: Obetz Cemetery Burials - Columbus, Ohio

- Philadelphia City Death Certificates 1803-1915 from FamilySearch Labs (being tested)
- Westmoreland County: Latrobe Bulletin Obituaries and Death Notices Index, December 18, 1902-present -- from the Adams Memorial Library

South Carolina
- South Carolina Death Index 1915-1957 (update: year 1957 added)
- Dillon County: Extracts of Obituaries from the Dillon Herald 1940-2008

South Dakota
- South Dakota State Archives - WPA Cemeteries Search -- pre-1940s (not complete)

- Tennessee Death Index 1914-1924 (update: year 1924 added)

- Texas Deaths 1890-1976 from FamilySearch Labs -- includes text summaries with some information from the death certificates (being tested)
- Harris County: Houston Funeral Home Records Index (for the Fogle West and Boulevard Funeral Homes)

- Newport News: Daily Press Obituary Index 1898-1988 -- from the Newport News Public Library System

- Washington Deaths 1907-1960 from FamilySearch Labs -- includes text summaries with some information from the death certificates (being tested)

See: Online Searchable Death Records Indexes and Obituaries