Saturday, October 25, 2008

Celebrating Ten Years of German Roots

October 2008 is the tenth anniversary of my German Roots: German Genealogy Resources website. It started off with just a handful of pages and now it has, oh I don't know, a whole lot of pages.

I initially started the website as a directory of online resources for German-American genealogy research. Eventually I added some of my own content and articles. And a whole bunch of other genealogy stuff. It was originally put online in October 1998 at

In case you're wondering about the URL, Monster was my dog at the time. She died last year. She was wee :)

The website is now at which is easier to remember than the name of my dog, I suppose.

Three other websites were eventually spun off of the German Roots site, when I realized it was getting too big and I wanted to expand it beyond German genealogy. These are:

Online Searchable Death Records Indexes and Obituaries for the USA, which was originally a single webpage on the German Roots website.

Online Military Indexes and Records, also originally a single webpage on the German Roots website.

Genealogy Articles, Tips and Research Guides, which is where I put more general genealogy stuff.

So here's to a very interesting ten years of German Roots. Thanks to all the people who have offered suggestions and comments and constructive criticism. Everyone gets a symbolic cyber German beer! Prost!



I'm a little behind on things, but I wanted to congratulate you on 10 years. That is awesome. I have used all of your indexes and resources at one time or another - my favorite is the Death Indexes, that one gets a lot of use.

Thanks for your wonderful contributions and for making genealogy research a little bit easier for all of us.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Your many web sites are terrific!

Thanks for doing such a great

from Dorene in Ohio

Joe said...

Thanks, Terry and Dorene :)

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Now that I've found you Joe, I plan to visit often and use some of those great sounding resource blogs! Thanks for inviting me to join your network.