Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Small Collection of Online Genealogy Records

Over the last few years my various websites have accumulated a messy pile of transcribed genealogy records :) Most of these are ship passenger lists, but there are one or two other records as well. Many of the names are German and Irish, but other nationalities are also included. Even though these transcriptions are scattered around the web in a seemingly haphazard way -- there really is a method behind all of it I think, or I thought there was at the time :) -- you can search all of them from one place. Right here:

Search Some Cool, Obscure, Weird Genealogy Records and Passenger Lists

You can search by name, surname, keyword or name of ship. You can also search by topic - for example typing in naturalization records will return a list of webpages with information about how to find naturalization records. Try typing in census records or death records, that sort of thing.

Here's a list of many of the transcribed records included in the search:

About 150 New Orleans passenger lists - most from the 1840s (2 from the 1850s)

Some Baltimore passenger lists (and lists of ships to Baltimore) - from the 1830s

14 New York passenger lists - from the period 1820-1867

List of Passenger Ships from Ireland to America 1732-1749 (a few have names of passengers)

Antelope and Welcome reconstructed passenger lists (of William Penn's Fleet)

23 Pennsylvania German Pioneers Passenger Lists - from the period 1736-1807

List of Palatines from Germany to England in 1709 (most went on to America)

Passenger Arrivals in the US in the 4th Quarter of 1819

Passengers to Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia in 1823

Assorted Passengers to Savannah, Georgia 1866-1867

Some German Passengers Missed by Germans to America

Arizona World War One Alien Registration Index (partial)

Assorted Putzig, West Prussia Genealogy Records 1660-1890

Assorted Zarnowitz, West Prussia Genealogy Records 1800s

Hegensdorfer Auswanderer 1824-1893 (Emigrants from Hegensdorf, Germany)

None of this is comprehensive or amazing or anything, but a few people have found their ancestors in these records, maybe you will too, or maybe you'll find some useful tips if you search by topic.

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