Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hamburg Passenger Lists Now At Ancestry

Ancestry has recently added online images and a partial index to the Hamburg, Germany passenger departure records from 1850-1934 (except: 1 January--14 July 1853, which are missing, and the WWI years of 1915-1919). The years 1890-1913 have been indexed so far. These lists can be helpful if you have an immigrant ancestor who left from Hamburg because they usually give the place (town or city) of residence for the passengers.

For more information see: Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934


Steve said...

Joe, to add to what you said in your article, the Hamburg Passenger Lists are lists of more than just German passengers. Many emigrants from other countries traveled to Hamburg where they boarded ships to America. I have some Polish relatives who are recorded in the Hamburg Passenger Lists.

Joe said...

Duh! What was I thinking? :) Of course there will be people from countries other than Germany on these lists - Hamburg was also sometimes the departure port for emigrants from nearby countries. Thanks for clarifying that, Steve.