Sunday, October 08, 2006

Autumn in the Cemetery

I thought I would add a bit of color to the blog today. What a beautiful time of year to wander through a cemetery...

Fairmount Cemetery in the Autumn by Joe Beine

Photo by Joe Beine, Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado, 1 October 2006 (click the image to see a larger view)

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Randy Seaver said...

What? The leaves have turned already in Colorado? Wow - it's not even standard time yet.

In San Diego, the trees don't turn - the only way we know it is fall is the low temps get down into the 50's at night, the grass stops growing fast, and the sun comes up after 7 AM. The latter happens again in January.

We have seasons - Sunny, Cloudy, Muggy, and Hot with Fire. Rain is a variable in Cloudy, and snow happens once every 20 years - we're due in 2007!