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Online Military Records and Indexes Website (USA) - Latest Additions

Links to the items listed below have been added to the Online Military Indexes and Records Website (USA)...

Revolutionary War
- Massachusetts Revolutionary War Index Cards to Muster Rolls, 1775-1783 (from FamilySearch)
- North Carolina Troop Returns, 1747-1893

Civil War
- Alabama: Census of Confederate Veterans, 1907, 1921, 1927 (from FamilySearch)
- Georgia Confederate Muster Rolls
- Illinois: Register of Confederate Soldiers Who Died in Camp Douglas, 1862-65 and Lie Buried in Oakwoods Cemetery, Chicago, Ills., 1892 (scanned book at
- Iowa Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1861-1949 (from FamilySearch)
- Maine Civil War Enlistment Papers, 1862-1865 (from FamilySearch)
- Pennsylvania: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5 by Samuel P. Bates (scanned searchable books; 5 volumes)

World War I
- Alabama World War I Service Cards
- Kentucky: Fallen Kentucky Soldiers in WWI
- Kentucky: Kenton County World War I Records
- Louisiana World War I Service Records, 1917-1920 (from FamilySearch)
- Maine: Record of Deaths in World War I
- Massachusetts: World War I Soldier Photographs (has 8500 digitized photographs of WWI soldiers from Massachusetts)
- North Carolina World War I Service Cards, 1917-1919 (from FamilySearch)
- South Carolina: The Official Roster of South Carolina Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the World War, 1917-18 (from the South Carolina State Library)

World War II
- Minnesota: Duluth War Casualties Index: WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War - Duluth Public Library
- Missouri: St. Louis Post-Dispatch WWI and WWII Casualty Lists
- North Carolina: Guilford County Men and Women Who Served in World War II Index
- Ohio: Muskingum County: Schneider WWII Veterans Archive (scanned service cards)

This is a list of the most recent additions. There are many more military records links at: Online Military Indexes and Records

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Christina Beine, the Girl They Left Behind

My great great grandparents, August and Christina Beine, came to America in 1880 with seven of their eight children. They had one more child, William, after they settled in Missouri. Their oldest child, named August after his father, is my great grandfather. Their second oldest child, named Christina after her mother, was left behind in Germany. She was eleven years old. She was apparently betrothed to someone, and I'm assuming she lived with relatives, possibly one of her father's siblings, until she married. Christina celebrated her 12th birthday in Germany a month after the rest of her family arrived by ship in Philadelphia.

August and Christina Beine

August Beine, my great great grandfather, was born in a German village called Grosseneder in 1839. At some point he moved to Katernberg, a suburb of Essen, Germany, where he became a coal miner. In 1865 he married my great great grandmother, Christina Walter, in nearby Essen-Stoppenberg. Christina was born in 1840 in Siddinghausen, a village about 60 kilometers from Grosseneder.

For a long time I didn't know much about Christina, the girl they left behind. But I did know she died before her father because August Beine's will from 1911 refers to her as "Christina Jakob deceased daughter." Her share of the Beine estate went to her children, who are named in the later probate record. In 2010 I contacted the pastor of the St. Nikolaus parish in Stoppenberg, where Christina was baptized, and asked if he could find a marriage record for her. But he was unable to find anything.

At that point I assumed I might never know more about Christina. Then on the day after Christmas in 2016, I received a fascinating email from a man in Germany named Peter Wieners, who told me he was descended from the girl they left behind. Peter had seen an online article I wrote in 2010 celebrating the 130th anniversary of my Beine immigrant family arriving in the USA. He later sent me all sorts of information about Christina, including a photograph of her and her husband with their two oldest children.

Christina (Beine) and Bernhard Jakob with their two oldest children, Pauline and Christine, circa 1889.

Christina married Bernhard Jakob in 1885 when she was 16 and he was 31. The marriage took place in the village of Grosseneder where Christina's father was born. She had six children and four of them died young. Two of her sons, Klemens and Johannes, served in World War I. Klemens died in 1915 while fighting on the Eastern Front. He was officially listed as missing in action. Johannes survived the war and died in 1964.

Marriage Record of Bernard Jakob and Christina Beine, Grosseneder, 1885 (item 3)

Christina's oldest daughter and namesake, Christine Jakob (1887-1967), married a man named Friedrich Wieners. They had one daughter, Josefa. Friedrich died in 1915 while fighting French and British forces in France during the war. His daughter was born two months after he died. In 1919, Friedrich's widow, Christine, married Friedrich's cousin, August. Peter Wieners, who sent me the email on the day after Christmas, is their grandson.

Christina (Beine) Jakob, the girl they left behind, died in Grosseneder at the age of 29, three weeks after giving birth to Johannes. She is my great great aunt. Her husband died in 1924 at the age of 70.

Two of my great uncles, Ollie and Frank Beine (brothers of my grandfather August), fought for America in World War I. Two of their first cousins, Klemens and Johannes Jakob, fought for the other side.

Sometimes we only have fragments of a person's life, a few old handwritten records, maybe some letters and photographs. It's especially difficult to put the fragments together into something that might resemble what the person was like, and how they lived, and what they thought, if we didn't know them or they lived before us. But we still put the fragments together and try to imagine what the world must have been like for them. And we have questions.

What did Christina think when she turned twelve, knowing her parents and siblings were in America beginning new lives without her? How did her mother feel about leaving her young daughter behind? And then losing her at the age of 29, after not seeing her for 18 years?

And what did Christina's mother think during the war, knowing four of her grandchildren were fighting on opposing sides? Maybe someday we can end wars and stop putting cousins against cousins, people against people...

Along with a traveling companion, I visited the St. Nikolaus Catholic Church in Essen, Germany in February 2018. The church was built in 1907. Its twin spires overlook a tram line and the Stoppenberg neighborhood. Just up the road is the coal mine in Katernberg where my great great grandfather worked. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site called the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex, and no longer a working mine.

Stiftskirche Maria in der Not, Essen-Stoppenberg

Up on a hill called Kapitelberg, 100 meters behind the St. Nikolaus Church, is a smaller church called Maria in der Not (Mary in Need) that is currently part of a small Carmelite Monastery. It was built a thousand years ago and still stands, still solid. Inside, it is serene and a little mysterious. This is where my great great grandparents, August and Christina, were married, and where their eight German-born children were baptized. They lived somewhere nearby. I even know the house number, Stoppenberg No. 86/2, but the old numbers don't correspond to modern street addresses. And the city was devastated from heavy bombing in World War II. The nearby houses looked maybe fifty years old.

Stiftskirche Maria in der Not Baptismal Font

Due to dwindling attendance, the 110-year-old St. Nikolaus church will close in 2020. A group of Iraqi Chaldean Catholics will begin using it, so the church will continue as a place of worship. The thousand-year-old church on the hill behind it will remain with the Carmelites.

Stiftskirche Maria in der Not Devotional Alcove

The kind parish priest, Father Linden, told us that we were probably the first Americans to visit this place. It's not exactly a tourist attraction. A pair of humble yet beautiful Catholic churches in a humble neighborhood in a medium sized German city. But for me this was sacred ground. This was where my ancestors worshipped and lived. And where they made the decision to come to America. And leave a child behind.

-Joe Beine, January and February, 2018

Three generations of Augusts and Christinas:

August Beine (1839-1913) my great great grandfather
August Beine (1866-1948) my great grandfather
August Beine (1893-1942) my grandfather

Christina Walter (1840-1925) my great great grandmother
Christina Beine (1868-1897) my great great aunt
Christine Jakob (1887-1967) my first cousin, twice removed

Children of Christina (Beine) Jakob and Bernhard Jakob:

Christine (1887-1967)
Pauline (1888-1915)
Bernhard (1890-1891)
Theodor (1892-1896)
Klemens (1894-1915)
Johannes (1897-1964)

Thank You:
Father Norbert Linden and the staff of the St. Nikolaus Parish in Essen-Stoppenberg
Jutta Vonrueden-Ferner of the Essen City Archive
Carmina Cerri, who went on the journey with me to Essen

This article is dedicated to Peter Wieners (1947-2017) and his great grandmother, Christina Beine (1868-1897). Thanks to Peter's wife, Beate.

Sources for this article can be found listed at: Sources for Christina Beine, the Girl They Left Behind

© 2018 Joe Beine. May not be reproduced without permission. Photographs of August and Christina, and the Jakob family provided by Peter Wieners. Essen-Stoppenberg photographs by Joe Beine

About the Author
Joe Beine likes to take pictures, write stories, and search for his ancestors. He especially enjoys solving the little mysteries that always seem to show up in his family tree. He lives in Denver with with his perpetual puppy, Raven.

Visit Swan Light Stories to read two of his stories and learn more about his novella Exchanging Van Goghs.

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Online Indexes for Death Records, Cemeteries and Obituaries (USA) - Latest Additions and Updates

The Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records Website (USA) has been updated with links to the following items...

- Juneau: Evergreen Cemetery Grave Search

- Alameda County: Oakland Newspaper Record Collection, 1985-2011 from FamilySearch (includes obituaries, birth and wedding announcements, and anniversaries)
- Los Angeles County: Grand View Memorial Park Grave Search (in Glendale, California)
- Mendocino County Genealogy Indexes (includes indexes for deaths, cemetery burials, and other items)
- Tulare County: Visalia Cemetery Grave Locator

- Palm Beach County Genealogy Indexes (includes cemetery burials, death and obituary indexes, and more)
- Sarasota County Obituary Index, 2000-recent

- Illinois Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880 at FamilySearch; lists of people who died June 1849 to May 1850, June 1859 to May 1860, June 1869 to May 1870, and June 1879 to May 1880
- Cook County: Indian Prairie Public Library Obituary Index, 1972-2016 (with gaps) for Burr Ridge, Darien and Willowbrook, Illinois
- Cook County: Melrose Park Local Death Notices Index
- Cook County Cemeteries, Compiled by Gertrude W. Lundberg (assorted burial listings for church cemeteries in towns outside of Chicago)
- Cook County: Chicago Fallen Police Officer Roll Call
- Kendall County Genealogy Indexes (includes cemetery burials; Kendall County Clerk Death Register, 1877-1903; and other items)
- Morgan County: City of Jacksonville Cemeteries (includes burial listings for Diamond Grove Cemetery and Jacksonville East Cemetery)
- Rock Island County Clerk's Office Genealogy Vital Records Index Search

For Cook County see: Online Chicago & Cook County, Illinois Death Records & Indexes

- Dearborn County Death Index, 1882-1900
- Fountain County WPA Death Records Index, 1882-1920
- Fountain County Cemetery Inscriptions (at Ancestry/requires payment; scanned, searchable book)
- Ripley County Cemeteries

- Hancock County Birth, Marriage, and Death Indexes (also has burial indexes and more)

- Louisiana Death Records Index 1911-1966 (update: year 1966 added)

- Maryland Death Certificate Indexes, 1973-2014 (PDFs for each year; the years 1989 and 1996 are not included)
- Montgomery County: Judean Memorial Gardens and Norbeck Memorial Park Burials Search (in Olney, Maryland)

- Bay County: Pinconning Press and Pinconning Journal Birth, Marriage, and Death Notices Index, 1906-2013
- Menominee County: Spies Public Library Genealogy Indexes (includes a Menominee County Journal Obituary Index, 1893-2016, and other items)
- Saginaw County Death Index, 1868-2015 (images of the death indexes only)

- Clearwater County: Burials in St. Joseph's and Our Lady of Victory Catholic Cemeteries (lists of names only, no dates)

- Cedar County Cemetery Index, 1839-1970 (at Ancestry/requires payment)

- Nevada: County Birth and Death Records, 1871-1992 from FamilySearch (includes images of the birth and death certificates or records; coverage may vary by county; for Douglas, Esmeralda, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Lyon, Nye, Ormsby, Storey, and White Pine Counties)

New Hampshire
- Strafford County: Foster's Daily Democrat Obituaries Index (Dover, NH)
- Strafford County: Lake Region Tombstone Inscriptions: Whiteface Intervale, Sandwich; Perkins Ground, New Durham; Further Memorials of Meredith

New Jersey
- New Jersey Death Records Index, June 1878-June 1896 (update: July 1895-June 1896 added)

New Mexico
See: New Mexico Death Records Indexes and Cemetery Burials - Latest Additions

New York
- New York State Death Index, 1880-1956 (at Ancestry/requires payment) searchable name index
- New York State Genealogical Research Death Index, 1957 to October 1967 (update: July-October 1967 added)
- Erie County: Buffalo Death Indexes, 1852-1944 at Reclaim the Records; scanned images of the indexes
- Erie County: Dziennik Dla Wszystkich Death Notice Database, 1911-1957 (Polish language newspaper from Buffalo, New York)

North Carolina
- Iredell County Records Search (includes births, marriages, deaths and some cemetery burials)

- Ohio Soldiers Grave Registration Cards, 1804-1958 (at Fold3/requires payment)
- Franklin County: Central Ohio Grave Search
- Ross County Genealogical Society Obituaries Index

- Okmulgee County Genealogical Society Obituary and Death Notices Index, 1920-Present

- Clatsop County: Ocean View Cemetery Grave Locator (Astoria, Oregon)
- Deschutes County: Bend Bulletin Newspaper Indexes, 1903-1972 (includes some listings for deaths)

- Jefferson County: Brockway Record Index indexes weddings, obituaries and other items

- Harris County: Death Extractions from Houston Newspapers 1899-1909 (also has a Harris County Veteran Pension Records Index, 1978-2001, and other items)
- Potter County: Amarillo Globe-News Obituaries, 9 December 1996 to 17 July 2007

- Augusta County: Local Cemetery Records (from the Augusta County Historical Society)

- King County: Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Burials (Civil War Cemetery in Seattle)

- Fremont County: Mount Hope Cemetery Burials (Lander, Wyoming)
- Lincoln County: Star Valley Independent Obituaries, 1901-2015 (Afton, Wyoming) from FamilySearch

This is a list of the most recent additions. There are many more links for death records indexes at: Online Searchable Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

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New Mexico Death Records Indexes and Cemetery Burials - Latest Additions

Links to the items listed below were recently added to the: Online New Mexico Death Records Indexes directory...

New Mexico Death Indexes - Newest Additions
- New Mexico Death Certificates, 1927-1945; scanned microfilm from FamilySearch
- New Mexico Certificate and Record of Death, 1889-1942; scanned microfilm (with gaps) from FamilySearch
- New Mexico Tombstone Transcription Project
- Bernalillo County: San Felipe de Neri Catholic Church Records, Albuquerque -- includes deaths 1727-1956 (plus some baptisms and marriages); scanned microfilm from FamilySearch; some records are indexed
- Dona Ana County Clerk Online Documents Search (includes probate records, marriage licenses, and other items)
- Otero County Probate Search (c. 1970s-recent)
- Santa Fe County: Archdiocese of Santa Fe Catholic Cemetery Association Burials Database (for Rosario Cemetery, Mt. Calvary Cemetery, and Gate of Heaven Cemetery)
- Santa Fe Catholic Cathedral of San Francisco de Asis: Deaths, 1852-1956 (digitized microfilm from FamilySearch; some years missing; not indexed)
- Sierra County Clerk Probate Search (recent)
- Socorro County Death Certificates Index, 1936-1938
- Socorro County Death Certificates Index for 1948 (list of names by date)
- Socorro County: San Miguel Catholic Church Records, 1821-1956 (digitized microfilm from FamilySearch)
- Valencia County Register of Deaths, 1907-1928 (digitized microfilm from FamilySearch)
- Valencia County: Nuestra Senora de Belen Catholic Church Records, 1793-1956 (digitized microfilm from FamilySearch)

This is a list of the most recent additions. There are more links for New Mexico death records indexes at: Online New Mexico Death Records Indexes, Cemeteries and Obituaries

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Online Indexes for Death Records, Cemeteries and Obituaries (USA) - Newest Additions and Updates

The Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records Website (USA) has been updated with links to the following items...

- Monterey County Herald Obituary Index, 1995 to Recent

- Adams County: Rose Hill Cemetery Burials (Orthodox Jewish Cemetery in Commerce City, Colorado)

- Illinois Gravestones (over 90,000 entries)
- Cook County: see the next section
- Jefferson County Genealogy Indexes (includes cemetery burials and other items)
- McLean County: Some Old Gravestone Inscriptions in Bloomington and Randolph Townships
- Will County: Frankfort Area Obituary Index
- Williamson County: City of Marion Cemetery Burials Search
- Williamson County Illinois Historical Society Records (includes a Library Resource Index, which has cemetery burials; a Coroner's List Index, 1885-1904; and other items)

Illinois: Cook County
- Cook County: Graceland Cemetery Burial Search (in Chicago)
- Cook County: Bethania Cemetery Burial Records Search (in Justice, Illinois)
- Cook County: Park Ridge Public Library Obituaries Index
- Cook County Medical Examiner Virtual Cemetery (Includes names of indigent cremations and the burial locations of indigents buried by the Cook County medical examiner's office since 2012.)
See: Online Chicago & Cook County, Illinois Death Records & Indexes

- Elkhart County Genealogical Society Indexes (includes indexes for deaths, cemetery burials, coroner's records, and other items)
- Lake County: Hammond Times Obituaries Index 1939-2016 (update: more years added)
- St. Joseph County: Cedar Grove Cemetery Inscriptions (Notre Dame, Indiana)
- Wabash County Cemeteries

- Indiana Veterans' Grave Registrations (for several counties)

- Iowa Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880 at FamilySearch (lists people who died in the year prior to when the census was taken)
- Bremer County: Obituary Records from the Waverly Phoenix of Waverly, Iowa, 1892-1924
- Jefferson County Genweb Genealogy Website (includes cemetery burials and recent obituaries)
- Polk County Probate Case Files Index, 1846-1925
- Woodbury County Cemeteries

- Sedgwick County: Wichita Death Certificate Index, 1887-1910 (from the Wichita Genealogical Society)
- Sedgwick County Cemeteries (some with burials indexes)
- Sedgwick County: Calvary Catholic Cemetery Burials (Wichita); scanned book from FamilySearch

- Fayette County: Lexington Public Library Funeral Notices Collection, 1806-1887
- Fayette County: Lexington Public Library Local History Index (indexes some local newspaper articles, including some death and funeral notices for significant people)
- Fayette County: Old Union Christian Church Cemetery Burials (in rural Lexington, Kentucky)
- Lawrence County Public Library Cemetery Records (scanned books)

- Louisiana Death Index from FamilySearch; covers 1911-1960 (update: years 1957-1960 added)
- Orleans Parish Vital Records, 1905-1913, 1955-1963 (from FamilySearch; includes births from 1905-1913, marriages for 1960, and deaths from 1955-1963; index and text-based results are available online; digital images of the records can be viewed at some LDS Family History Centers)

- Baltimore: Suspicious Deaths in Mid-19th Century Baltimore (coroner's reports index from 1827, 1835-1860, 1864, and 1867)
- Baltimore: Mount Auburn Cemetery Burials (African American cemetery in Baltimore)

- Cass County Cemeteries
- Midland Daily News Indexes (includes obituary indexes for some years)
- Midland County Cemeteries
- Midland County Obituary Index 1928-1950
- Monroe County Probate Court Search

- Wayne County: Northville Historic Records (includes local history indexes and a Northville cemetery index)
See: Online Detroit and Wayne County Death Records & Indexes

- Cole County: Old City Cemetery Burials (Jefferson City)
- Putnam County Cemeteries

- Dawson County: Historic Farnam Obituaries and Cemetery Burials
- Gage County: Southern Gage County Cemetery Burials (from the Wymore Public Library)
- Scotts Bluff County: Fairview Cemetery Directory Listings (in Scottsbluff, Nebraska)

New Jersey
- New Jersey Death Indexes, 1901-1903 at Reclaim the Records; scanned images of the indexes for each year

New Mexico
- Some Cemetery Records from Chaves and Lincoln Counties, New Mexico; digitized microfilm from FamilySearch; (compiled by the Daughters of the American Revolution, Roswell Chapter)
- Assorted Cemetery Burials from the New Mexico Genealogical Society (includes: Mount Calvary Cemetery, Bernalillo County; Some Valencia County Cemeteries; Santa Barbara Cemetery, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Albuquerque; and Fairview Cemetery, Santa Fe)

New York State
- New York State Death Indexes, 1880-1956 (at Reclaim the Records; scanned images of the indexes for each year)
- New York State Genealogical Research Death Index, 1957 to June 1967 (update: March-June 1967 added)

- Albany County: Albany Rural Cemetery Grave Search
- Nassau County: St. Paul's Presbyterian Church Cemetery Burials (in Elmont, New York)
- Saratoga County: St. Joseph's Cemetery Interment Records, 1862-2013 (Waterford, NY)
- Seneca County: Lake View Cemetery Burials (Interlaken, New York)
- Suffolk County: Southampton Town's Historic Cemeteries Project

New York City
- New York City Death Index, 1949-1965 (at Ancestry/requires payment)
See: Online New York City Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

- Cuyahoga County: Diocese of Cleveland Catholic Cemeteries Burial Search (update: now includes all 19 diocesan cemeteries)
See: Online Cleveland & Cuyahoga County, Ohio Death Records & Indexes

- Seneca County: Greenlawn Cemetery Burials Search (in Tiffin, Ohio)
- Union County Obituary Indexes and Oakdale Cemetery Records (from the Union County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society)
- Union County: Index to Probate Will Records 1852–1919 (from the Marysville Public Library)

- Oklahoma County Cemeteries

- Clackamas County: Sacred Heart Cemetery (Catholic cemetery in Lake Oswego, Oregon; incudes a Cemetery Diagram PDF with names of the burials, but no dates)
- Clackamas County: Lake Oswego Newspapers Index
- Klamath County: Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery Burial Search (in Klamath Falls, Oregon)

- Cumberland County: Carlisle Indian School Cemetery Burials
- Franklin County: Coyle Free Library Obituaries Index, 1990-2008
- Fulton County Cemetery Burials Index
- Wayne County Veterans Burial Database

South Dakota
- Minnehaha County: Woodlawn Cemetery Burials (in Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

- Brown County Cemeteries (from the Pecan Valley Genealogical Society)
- Brown County Cemeteries (from the Brown County Historical Commission)
- Galveston County Death Index (c.1903-c.1970s)
- McLennan County Records Search (indexes some births, marriages and deaths)
- Wichita County: Wichita Falls Cemetery Burial Records (indexes for the four city owned cemeteries: Hillcrest, Lakeview, Riverside and Rosemont)

- Accomac County: Gravestones of the Eastern Shore of Virginia (for Accomack County and Northampton County)
- New Kent County Death Index (also has indexes for marriages, church records and many other items)
- Shenandoah County Cemetery Inscriptions

- Washington Death Index 1965-2014 from FamilySearch

- Benton County: Tri-City Herald and Kennewick Courier Reporter Obituary Index from 1927-recent
- King County: Seattle Municipal Health Department Death Records, 1881-1907 (includes digital images of the death registers)
- King County Auditor Death Records, 1891-1907 (includes digital images of the death registers)
- Mason County: Shelton Memorial Park Cemetery Burials (Shelton, Washington)
- Snohomish County: Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society Death Index

- Milwaukee County: Town of Milwaukee Union Cemetery Burial Records, 1917-1988 (Whitefish Bay; downloadable scanned book)
- Milwaukee County: Good Hope Cemetery Burials (in Greenfield, Wisconsin)
- St. Croix County Cemetery Burials

- Wyoming Death Certificates Index from 1909 to more than 50 years ago (update: more names added)

This is a list of the most recent additions. There are many more links for death records indexes at: Online Searchable Death Records Indexes and Obituaries

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Online Indexes for Death Records, Cemeteries and Obituaries (USA) - Latest Additions and Updates

The Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records Website (USA) has been updated with links to the following items...

- Alaska Vital Records, 1816-1959 from FamilySearch -- index and digital images of births (1816-1912), marriages (1816-1959), and deaths (1816-1959) from the Alaska State Archives; not yet complete

- Arizona Death Records Index 1870-1966 and Birth Index 1855-1941 (Update: year 1966 added to the death records and year 1941 added to the birth records)
- Maricopa County: Mesa City Cemetery Records, 1885-1960 (from FamilySearch; includes digitized images of the records)

- Pulaski County: Oakland and Fraternal Historic Cemetery Records, 1867-2013 (in Little Rock, Arkansas; from FamilySearch)

- Riverside County: Hemet-San Jacinto Genealogical Society Obituaries Index
- San Bernardino County Historical Archives Online Catalog - Arrowhead (indexes deaths, probates, coroner's inquests, births, marriages, and other items; coverage varies by type of record)
- San Bernardino County: Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery Burials (in Colton CA)
- California Cemetery Transcriptions, 1850-1960 (at FamilySearch; Includes some cemeteries in Amador, Fresno, Los Angeles, Mariposa, Merced, Napa, Riverside, Sacramento, San Joaquin, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Siskiyou, Solano, Stanislaus, Sutter, Tulare, Yolo, and Yuba counties. Coverage varies by cemetery.)

- Denver Public Library Obituary Indexes 1922-2014 (update: year 1922 added)
- El Paso County: Pikes Peak Genealogical Society Cemetery Database

- Georgia's Virtual Vault (includes Colonial Estate Records, Colonial Will Books, Colonial Wills, and other items)

- Cook County: Archdiocese of Chicago Cemetery Records, 1864-1989, from FamilySearch

See: Online Chicago & Cook County, Illinois Death Records & Indexes

- Allen County and Fort Wayne, Indiana Databases (update: more years added to the Fort Wayne and Allen County Area Obituary Index, 1837 to October 20, 2016)
- Allen County: St. John Cemetery Burials (Lutheran Cemetery in Fort Wayne)
- Hamilton County: Compiled Records From Hamilton East Public Library (at Ancestry/requires payment) includes Evans-Godby-Trout Funeral Home Records
- Pike County Cemeteries

- Iowa Death Records, 1921-1940 from FamilySearch
- State Historical Society of Iowa Death Indexes c.1917-c.1939; PDF files for many Iowa counties; coverage varies by county (update: year 1939 added for some counties)
- Iowa Armed Forces Grave Registrations, ca. 1835-1998 from FamilySearch
- Lee County: Indexes for Deaths, Obituaries and Cemeteries

- Kentucky Death Certificates and Records 1852-1964 (at Ancestry/requires payment) includes digitized Kentucky death certificates from 1911-1964 (update: year 1964 added)

- Massachusetts Town Clerk, Vital and Town Records, 1626-2001 at FamilySearch; coverage varies by town

- Macomb County: Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association Genealogy Search (in Clinton Twp, Michigan; for Mt. Elliott, Mt. Olivet, Resurrection, All Saints and Guardian Angel Cemeteries)

- Missouri Death Certificates Index and Images 1910-1966 (update: year 1966 added)
- Saline County Cemeteries
- Saline County: Ridge Park Cemetery Burials (Marshall, MO)
- Saline County, Missouri Cemetery Index, 1840-1963 (at Ancestry/requires payment)
- St. Louis City Wills Indexes, 1816-1967 (update: more years added)

New Jersey
- New Jersey Death Records Index, June 1878-June 1895 (update: July 1894-June 1895 added)
- New Jersey Death Index, 1901-1903 (at Ancestry/requires payment)

New York
- New York State Genealogical Research Death Index, 1957-March 1967 (update: entries for January 1966 to March 1967 added)
- Tompkins County: Ithaca City Cemetery Records
- Ulster County: Poorhouse Burial Records Database (New Paltz, New York)
- Ulster County: Old Dutch Church Genealogy Records (First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Kingston, New York; includes graveyard burial records, 1696-1880, and other items)

North Carolina
- Cabarrus County: Independent Tribune Obituary Index 2001-2014 (also has indexes for delayed birth certificates, marriages and other items)
- Harnett County: Greenwood Cemetery Burials Search (Dunn, North Carolina)

- Oklahoma State Vital Records Index - Births and Deaths (indexes births more than 20 years ago and deaths more than 5 years ago; copies of the records can be ordered for a fee if eligibility requirements are met)

- Oregon Death Index, 1877-1952 (from FamilySearch; indexes selected death records from Oregon)

- Pennsylvania Death Certificates 1906-1964; at Ancestry/requires payment (update: year 1964 added)
- Pennsylvania Death Records Indexes 1906-1966 (update: year 1966 added)
- Northumberland County Cemeteries

Rhode Island
- Rhode Island Vital Records, 1846-1898, 1901-1953 (from FamilySearch; includes deaths, 1901-1953)

South Carolina
- Richland County: Indexes of Local History and Genealogy (includes South Carolina State Hospital Cemetery Survey Index, and Randolph Cemetery Survey -- African American Cemetery in Columbia, South Carolina)
- Richland County: Randolph Cemetery Burials (African American Cemetery in Columbia)

- Anderson County: City of Oak Ridge Public Library Obituary Index, September 1943-Recent (from the Oak Ridge Journal and Oak Ridger newspapers)
- Bradley County Obituary Index 1865-Current (from the Cleveland Bradley County Library)
- Knox County Cross Index Search (indexes obituaries, wills, marriages and other items)

- Dallas County Probate Records, 1846-early 1900s (digitized images from the microfilm)
- Nolan County: Cemetery Burials and Other Genealogy Indexes
- Wise County: Cemetery Burials and Other Genealogy Indexes
- Yoakum County Cemeteries

- Carroll County Death Register, 1855-1896

- Door County Genealogy Indexes (includes a death index, 1857-1933, and some cemetery burials)

Social Security Death Index Page
- Social Security NUMIDENT Files, 1936-2007 from the National Archives

This is a list of the most recent additions. There are many more links for death records indexes at: Online Searchable Death Records Indexes and Obituaries (USA)